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Lorna Jackson is a co founder along with her husband John of the reknown Soul Regression Therapy. She has co authored the book “Soul Regression Therapy – case histories of Past Life Regression and Between Life Ression Healing Current Life wounds and Trauma”, This body of work was drawn from a recordings database of over 1200 regression clients.

When it comes to selecting a therapist to explore either a Past Life or the Between Life realms Lorna Jackson is the go to expert in the field of regression.

Soul Regression Therapy

Soul Regression Therapy consists of two separate sessions, 1 past life regression and 1 afterlife regression held on different days, preferably a few days or weeks apart. This is to allow the integration of the healing process.

The process involves guiding an individual into the somnambulistic state of trance through a unique hypnotic process and visualization method that Lorna and John have developed.

This is a natural brain wave cycle or mind state that ones consciousness naturally descends into just before sleep and upon waking each day. This unique process easily guides most people to remember their past lives and to connect with the afterlife.


Past Life Regression – Soul Regression Therapy

In this session we guide the client beyond the death in the past life, to journey onto the after life and connect to their immortal soul essence. The after life or bardo as described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead is our spiritual home, the place where we all go when our soul leaves our physical body and the place where souls dwell between physical lifetimes.

During this more advanced regression session you may meet with your spiritual guide, deceased loved ones, soul mates, master guides or spiritual elders. This can be an experience unlike anything you could imagine, you may also receive a deep healing.


Fees and Payment


1st session: Past Life Regression the cost is: $200.00 incl GST.

2nd session: After Life Regression the cost is: $200.00 incl GST.

Each session is digitally recorded for you.

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