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Soul Regression Therapy® (SRT) is a powerful cutting edge transpersonal psychotherapeutic regression therapy developed by Lorna and John Jackson that encourages healing and growth.

This unique process using real hypnosis encompasses Past Life Regression Therapy and After Life Regression, including Spirit Contact.

Soul Regression Therapy® was co-created and developed by Clinical Hypnotherapists Lorna and John Jackson. Together they are internationally recognised as the founders, principals, key hypnotherapists and trainers at The Jackson Institute Australia which has now been almalgamated into Real Hypnosis Training and The Hypnotherapy Learning Hub.

SRT is officially recognised as a New Healing Modality by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

Lorna and John have trained, studied and been inspired by many pioneers of past life and spiritual regression which include, Dr Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Richard Sutphen, The Roger Woolger Institute, Henry Bolduc, Peter Rampster, Andy Tomlinson and The Michael Newton Institute USA.

A SRT session is suitable for people seeking self understanding, empowerment, healing of emotional and physical issues, or understanding of relationships. Assisting the release of karmic complexes, which may include, phobias, fears, habits or for those who have need of comfort in grief by experiencing first hand that the soul lives on after the physical death.

Soul Regression Therapy® facilitators are experiencing remarkable and often immediate results with their clients. A session often clears physical or emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, habits, eating disorders, low self esteem, relationship problems, physical pain and health issues.

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The therapeutic goal of PLR therapy is to restructure understanding of our current life in light of our souls extended experiences from other lifetimes.


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