What is Regression Therapy

All presenting complaints haves causes, whether in this current lifetime or others lived previously. These complaints can be physical or psychological in nature. Some of these complaints are easy to traced back to a root cause whilst others seem to defy explanation these can be fears, phobias anxiety, panic attacks around numerous things. Other people experience the “why does this keep happening to me” or “its all my fault” type of thoughts.

Forgotten experiences

Regression therapy is a way of uncovering, peeling back the layers of the unconscious mind finding and reframing earlier negative experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions. Reframing these past negative experiences leads to a more positive life leaving those niggling complaints behind.

Forgotten experiences can involve such things as emotional wounds that were never reconciled or currently trigger thoughts and feelings that maybe the person is only faintly aware of.

During a past Life Regression a person may experience the prenatal time in the womb. They may connect to their mothers thoughts and emotions in a profound way. They may observe themselves in many roles and situations in former reincarnations. And observe others that they currently know in their current lifetime playing different roles in other lifetimes past.

Regression may also allow a person to connect to a higher spiritual realm and become as one with their true immortal soul self.